Selena and Niall were hanging out together last night :O #WHENTWOWORLDSCOLLIDE

With Justin and Zayn apparently!!!

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Here I am! Don't worry if you don't follow me, it is not a problem... So okay, I just want to thank you, I always read your blog, I really do love all the people who ship Ziall, but you are my fav! Have a good day Christelle x

this is so sweet omg this made me feel so much better thank yoooou

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Things to consider from what I know about 1D:

  • Liam is super buff so he’s probably most dangerous so an experienced scrapper should take him on in a good clean fight. I’ve heard he’s scared of spoons tho? Bring spoons if you have to fight dirty
  • Zayn is probably decent at…
Wait the 19th amendment thing , were you like being sarcastic or like forreal cuz I'm black

Wait idk I forgot what it said fuck ????? 😰😰

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hey sorry to bother you but do you happen to know the source of the ziall pic you posted?thanks :))

No I’m sorry :( Just happen to stumble upon it’s greatness as I scrolled thru twitter.

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thoughts??? twitter*com/firecraicniall/status/504699722381422592

Whatt, Niall and Selena can’t be friends? :/

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How do you know ziall has happened

social media sites. update accounts on twitter usually help and i also track the ziall tag, i check it every few hours or when I’m procrastinating. if you follow a lot of ziall accs whether its twitter or tumblr, you’re bound to know when ziall happens.

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Something happened with Niall and Selena in the past days?

All I know is that Selena followed Niall on instagram, but that’s it???






Palestine and Israel have negotiated an end to the fighting for the time being!!!!!!!!!

Passage in an out of Gaza will be allowed again, the border with Egypt will be reopened, the fishing area will be expanded, and it seems…

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Zayn and Niall left a tattoo shop in LA


look i dont know bout u but my dad is an fbi man and he has confirmed with his science machine that nialls tattoo does in fact read ‘zayn’ and if thats not good enough evidence i dont know what is





wtf I literally log out for one fucking day and this shit happens I swear next time imma log out for a month and when I come back they’re gonna be fucking married

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